APRIL 22, 2017 - Public Square, Cleveland

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Our Mission

  • To show support for the scientific community.
  • To safeguard the scientific process, and research funding, when seeking answers to the things that matter.
  • To publicly celebrate science, which helps us make sense of ourselves and our world.
  • To encourage curiosity and exploration, the heart of the scientific approach.
  • Why a march?

    A recent focus on science and how scientific findings impact public policy has put a spotlight on the scientific community and their research. We accept that science, as a field of knowledge and way of thinking, is not swayed by opinions; it is nonpartisan and all-inclusive. This is the time for us to come together as one community, take a stand, and lead a new conversation.

    Who we are

    • We are scientists.
    • We are enthusiasts.
    • We are seekers of knowledge.
    • We are Clevelanders.
    • We are humans.

    We are a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life. We are curious, intrigued by science, and enjoy learning about scientific findings. Whether we practice, use, love, or study science, technology, engineering, or math, we appreciate what they have done for us and our society.

    You can help, without ever leaving your door.

    Be vocal about science, the march and our efforts.
    Spread our mission statement, statewide.

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